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Solar Panels

Commercial Solar Panels

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Commercial Solar Panels


How they work:

The sun emits light, which is made up of tiny particles called photons. Solar Panels are devices which are used to absorb the sun's rays, the photons, and convert them into electricity. Each panel is a collection of solar (or photovoltaic, PV) cells, which are used to generate electricity. An inverter is installed to convert the electricity from DC to AC, which can then be used to power your home or will get stored in your battery.

Our Products:

Solar Star Power use a variety of panels to tailor make our PV arrays for our individual commercial customers across Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Cheshire, Nottingham, and Shropshire. 

We use JA solar panels, Aiko Mono-glass, and Longi, all of which are world leaders in the field of PV, offering excellent power ratings and top conversion efficiencies, and delivering long-term reliability. They are all guaranteed to be working at at least 85% efficiency after 25 years of providing solar for you!

Solar Star Power use Solis inverters, who are one of the oldest and largest string inverter specialists, to suit your specific requirements, whether three phase or single phase. The inverter is required to covert the DC to AC power for use in your home. Inverters come with a ten-year warranty.

Types of solar panel systems:

  • On-roof system- Our team of experienced installers will arrive with you and fit rails to your roof, they will then attach brackets and the solar panels will slot in. The electricians will complete the job by wiring the panels to the inverter. You can see some images above, use the arrow key to move from picture to picture.

  • In-roof system- Once the tiles have been removed from your roof, our experienced installation team will arrive to fit trays to your property. Your roofers will then tile up to the trays and we will return to fit the solar panels into place. The electricians will also arrive to complete the installation.

  • Ground-mounted system - If you do not have a suitable roof, a ground-mounted system maybe an alternative for you. Ground mounted solar panels can be angled for optimal sunlight exposure, resulting in higher energy production and increased efficiency. However, they do require significant land space and planning permission. We do work with an architect, who would be able to help you with the planning permission.  Have a look at the images below and navigate using the arrows to see some of our commercial ground-mounts.

Reasons for a commercial installation:

  • Money -                     Lowering outgoings, a solar system will certainly save money. There is obviously the initial costs and                                            some maintenance, but solar will save money compared to traditional energy costs.

  • Reliability -              Keeping the power on is a key factor in a commercial solar installation, to shield you from power cuts                                          and energy price swings. Durable panels with minimum maintenance and 25-30 years of electricity                                              generation.

  • Environment -        There are many benefits, grants, and regulations surrounding renewable energy.  

  • Public Relations -  Public opinion is very much in favour of renewable energy. Demonstrating a commitment to the                                                   environment and corporate responsibility. Reducing carbon footprint, attract eco-conscious customer.

Please have a look at our latest Trust Pilot reviews, from our happy customers.

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