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Our latest domestic ground mount

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Solar Star Power have just completed one of the largest domestic solar ground mounts in the Midlands.

Whilst quite a modest ground mount installation by commercial standards 60kWp is a major investment for a domestic property and it is the owners' intention to sell some of the generated power back to the grid through Octopus Energy who are currently giving the best export tariffs. The excess power is stored and then released on demand at peak power times.

The solar system comprises of a 50kWp ground mount and 10kWp roof array. The ground array consists of 124 x JA Solar 395W panels mounted on a bespoke pile driven framework designed by Sun Systems and the total site will produce in excess of 45,000kW hours per annum.

Power storage is provided through 3 x 13.4kWh Tesla Powerwalls with a total capacity of 40.2kW hours across 3 phases. The Powerwall also supplies power to a designated critical phase during any power outage. Planning permission for the solar system was obtained by Bruce Johnson of b3 Architecturaldesign and DNO approval for the system from National Grid directly by Solar Star Power. One of the planning conditions insisted that the tops of the solar panels should not exceed 1.1m above the surrounding fencing which necessitated digging and levelling the ground before installation.

Solar Star Power are proud to be one of the few approved and accredited installers of the Tesla Powerwall batteries. This association gives us direct pricing, which we pass on to the consumer and excellent availability. The Powerwalls are AC side connected using a secondary inverter and so do not interfere with any existing Feed In Tariffs. Anyone thinking of adding a battery storage system to an existing solar array which qualified for the FITT should be aware of replacement Hybrid inverters as they can falsify the generation meter readings and allow the energy supplier the right to discontinue payments.

Solar Star Power have a team dedicated to commercial and large domestic projects and work alongside our preferred architects. We have our own scaffolding and access equipment which can be used on most installations and of course we are MCS certified.


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