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Solar Panels Technician

Our latest mid-sized commercial installation

Solar Star Power of Uttoxeter have just successfully completed a mid-sized commercial solar array for ADP Aluminium Systems at their manufacturing and supply facility in Rugeley, West Midlands. The installation will reduce the company's energy costs carbon emissions and be more environmentally friendly.

ADP’s requirement was for a fairly continuous power supply and during the April to September period this will almost totally be supplied by solar power with a peak output during May, June, and July of almost 6,000kWh per month. Of course this should be balanced out by a lower power supply during the months of January and December which drops output to approximately 1,000 kWh per month.

The 15 degree metal trapezoidal roof is orientated South / West – North / East and the 125 x 400w JA Solar panels are mounted on a Schletter rail system which covers a roof area of some 244.1 square meters. A single Solis 50kWp twin track three phase DC to AC inverter has been installed with an estimated annual output in excess of 36,216kWh (hours) which equates to 725kWh per Kilowatt of panels installed. There was no requirement for batteries as most of ADP’s power is used during daylight hours but Solar Star Power do fit both domestic and large commercial size storage batteries.

ADP’s roofs are East / West orientated which is sometimes viewed as being inferior to a true South facing aspect but in reality this is compensated for by a more uniform spread of power throughout the day and into late evening especially on low angled roofs.

Solar Star Power’s commercial installation division specialize in installing solar panels on both factory, farm, and public building roofs plus ground mounted systems when required using the Sun Fixings all aluminium Park Tegra pile driven framework.

There are normally few planning issues when fitting solar panels to commercial buildings but if any requirements do arise our associate architect will advise and we are successful in over 95% of our planning applications, both domestic and commercial.

Please get in touch if you would like a free quote for your commercial building.


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