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Car Chargers

Electric Vehicle Charging at home

Car Charging from Solar

Like to start each day with a 'full tank?' Charge each night at home to provide a full day of driving for the average driver. An estimated 80% of electric car charging takes place at home.

A regular domestic three-pin socket will charge your car, however, a dedicated home EV charger is a much better and faster option. It is also the cheapest, most convenient, and safest way to charge your Electric Vehicle (EV). The cost to fully charge an electric car at home is around £6. To charge an EV to 80% at a public rapid charger, usually cost between £7 and £10. Charging an EV far undercuts the cost of fuelling a petrol or diesel car.

Dedicated EV home chargers typically deliver around 7kW of power, whereas a typical three-pin socket delivers around 2.3kW.

A dedicated home charge point will communicate with your EV and will also allow you to take advantage of cheaper energy tariffs, charging your EV when supply is high but demand is low.

Remember, you can save money by switching to a more affordable tariff or by taking advantage of cheaper overnight electricity.

The price of fuel may increase as 2035 approaches with the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars. However, electricity prices are likely to be more predictable.


Our team would typically be with you for around half a day. You would need to be available to show the team where the installation is required, give the WiFi details and make a cup of tea! Once the installation has taken place you will be up and running immediately. You will be able to monitor the EV charger's consumption via the app, which can be installed on your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer.

If the installation is on a three-phase supply, additional installation equipment will be required, but this will be known before the installation date is agreed.

Solar Star Power supply and fit a range of car chargers. Please click below to view specific information on each:

Please get in touch if you would like any further information, a survey, or to book an installation date.


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