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Tesla Car Charger

Electric Vehicle Charging at home

Tesla Car Charger

About the Tesla EV Charger

Vital Statistics - Height: 345mm, Width: 159mm, Depth: 109mm. IP65 (weatherproof). Rated power: 7.4kW.

                               Cable length: 7.3m. Warranty: 48 months

The Tesla Wall Connector is the fastest way to charge at home. Multiple Wall Connectors can be installed to meet the needs of a changing household. The Wall Connector is connected to Wi-Fi, to receive updates for the latest features.

The Wall Connector is designed for houses, apartments, and workplaces. The lightweight design allows for versatile, indoor or outdoor mounting that adapts to a range of electrical systems. The Tesla Wall Connector must be fitted by a qualified electrician. All our electricians are Tesla Certified.

Charging at home allows you to take advantage of low, overnight utility pricing by using the 'Scheduled Departure' feature in your vehicle. 

 Price List:

  • Supplied and fitted £987.00

  • There may be other costs involved if further electrical parts are required, for example further cabling.

Please get in touch with Solar Star Power if you would like any further information, or to book a survey


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