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Zappi Car Charger

Electric Vehicle Charging at home

Zappi Car Charger

About the Zappi EV Charger

Vital Statistics - Height: 439mm, Width: 282mm, Depth: 122mm. IP65 (weatherproof). Rated power: 7kW.

                               Warranty: 36 months.

The Zappi is a future proof, intelligent car charger, the first solar EV charger of its kind. It has carefully designed features and functions to give you complete control. It is paired with the MyEnergi app to enable you to set timers to utilise economy tariffs, use the boost function, monitor your devices, and so much more. It can take power from the grid, solar, or both.

The future proof, intelligent electric car charger was conceived, evolved, and manufactured in-house in the UK.


The Zappi comes in black or white, tethered with a 6.5m cable or untethered. It can be wall mounted or mounted to a Zappi pedestal. You will need an approved electrician to install the Zappi EV charger.

The Zappi pedestal has a subtle and sleek design and is the perfect solution for mounting up to two Zappi's back-to-back, in isolation away from the main building. The aluminium pedestal is light in weight (8.3kg), for easy carrying and transportation, though exceptionally strong when fixed in place.

Price List supplied and fitted:

  • The untethered Zappi 7kWp £992.88

  • The tethered Zappi 7kWp £1,048.00 

  • The Zappi pedestal £395.00 (12 month warranty)

Please get in touch with Solar Star Power if you would like any further information, a survey, or to book an installation date.


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