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Your guide to Solar Battery Storage

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Solar Battery Storage

Solar Star Power is an MCS Approved battery installer, in addition to solar PV accreditation.

Please get in touch for a free survey and discuss options for a solar array and/or battery: Tesla, Solax, GivEnergy, eCactus installation.

Clean energy makes for an environmentally-friendly future and contributes to the Government's net zero 2050 target. Since April 2022, zero VAT has been charged on batteries when installed with PV panels.

The UK is one of the leading and fastest-growing countries to adopt energy storage technologies. In 2020, the UK relaxed the rules and adopted new legislation for energy storage to encourage their use in commercial activities. It is estimated that £40 billion can be saved by 2050 through these energy storage solutions, resulting in huge benefits for business.

Storage batteries reduce your reliance on the grid by storing solar energy for use when the sun isn't shining. Home batteries can be charged with free or cheap energy.

Electricity is stored as DC (Direct Current) and there are two basic methods of converting solar electricity for storage.

The first method is to simply feed DC electricity directly from the solar array into the battery and then use the existing DC – AC solar inverter to convert the solar power for household use as required. This type of inverter is called a Hybrid, the advantage being that it is cheaper to use than a single inverter. The downside is that if you already have a solar system installed the current inverter will require changing. However, if you are having a new solar system fitted or changing an old inverter this makes perfect financial sense.

The second method is an alternating current (AC) side connection which in effect is a complete battery storage system totally separate from the solar array and more expensive because a second inverter is required. If you have a Solar Edge optimized system fitted, then this will require an AC side connection as the Solar Edge inverters cannot be exchanged. Also, if you are contemplating storing electricity from the grid at cheap overnight rates this will also require an AC side connection.

An AC side connected battery will discharge at a higher rate than a DC side battery, plus it can be charged from the mains using an overnight cheap rate if required.

The next thing to consider is storage capacity and whilst batteries come in many sizes the average household will require a

6 – 10 kWh (Kilowatt Hour) storage battery. As an example, the average hot water kettle uses 2kW per hour, so a 6kWh battery would continuously boil a kettle for 3 hours.

We supply and install a variety of battery types:

Tesla Powerwall

We are delighted to announce that we have recently been awarded Premium Partner Status by Tesla for the installation of Tesla Powerwalls. Please see our blog for what this means for us and our customers.

The Powerwall is an intelligent storage battery and is configured to meet your home's specific energy needs. Install the Tesla app to monitor and manage your solar system's performance with many useful features and control modes. The Tesla Powerwall can be installed internally or externally. It can be installed at the same time as your PV system or be retro-fitted.

Some electricity providers with allow your Powerwall to send energy back to the grid and claim credits during peak times.

The Powerwall has the advantage of high-capacity storage (13.4kWh) plus off grid capability.  Discharge rate is 5kW, 7kW at peak.

The benefits of the Tesla Powerwall are: backup power, a smaller carbon footprint for your home, and potentially savings on your electricity bill. Please click here to find out more about our Tesla Powerwall installations.

Visit Tesla for more information.


SolaX solar batteries have a high storage capacity from 5.8kWh to 17.4kWh. This allows for long-term storage of solar energy to suit your individual requirements and reduce dependency on grid power. The SolaX Power energy storage system is modular, allowing additional batteries to be added as your energy needs grow. It can also be retro-fitted to an existing solar installation

SolaX storage batteries come with user-friendly software, so you can easily monitor and control your energy usage. You are also able to receive notifications via your mobile phone, tablet, or PC.

The SolaX storage battery can be housed internally, or externally with some housing for protection.

Please click here to find out more about our SolaX storage battery installations.

Visit SolaX for more information.


The GivEnergy battery is made of high-capacity, energy-dense cells. they are fully recyclable, non-flammable, non-toxic, and ethically sourced. A GivEnergy system can be monitored and controlled through an app on your mobile phone.

Install the GiveEnergy storage battery at the same time as a solar PV system to maximise your system and reduce installation costs, as only one inverter is required. Pair solar with a 5.2kWh or a 9.5kWh storage battery to make bigger energy savings, reduce your home carbon reductions and get control over your energy usage.

The 13.5kWh All-in-One battery can be fitted at the same time as the PV array or retro-fitted to an existing solar system.

Please click here to find out more about our GivEnergy storage battery installations.

Visit GivEnergy for more information.

eCactus Agave

The eCactus Agave is a hybrid All in One battery energy storage system, which means it cannot be retrofitted. It must be fitted at the same time as the solar PV system. The eCactus has self-power back up and load shifting modes which you can monitor and control on the go through the mobile app.

Please click here to find out more about our eCactus storage battery installations.

Visit eCactus for more information.


Solar cells and Powerwall

We had ground mounted solar cells and a Tesla Powerwall installed. We needed to go for planning permission (due to location near a boundary) and they helped us with getting this started. The communication prior to installation was good and the 3 teams who did the install did a great job - professional, timely and tidy. Can’t praise them highly enough. I did need some assistance after the install whilst I was getting used to the system. They were very helpful in the advice I received. I would recommend Solar Star to other people

~ Chris Thomason *****  (Trust Pilot)


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