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Solar Panels Technicians

Repairs & Services

Let us keep your solar installation working for you


Solar Star Power are accredited by most inverter, solar panel and battery manufacturers to repair or replace their equipment. We also undertake insurance repairs for damaged equipment including lightning strikes.


Should your original installer no longer be in business, or your warranty has expired we offer repairs at very reasonable rates.


Our standard call out charge to diagnosis solar PV faults is £120.00, inclusive of VAT, and if your system is still under warranty with a recognized manufacturer this is all you will have to pay.

If your system is out of warranty or the manufacturer is no longer able to supply parts, we will deduct the service charge from any further works that may need to be done. We can supply new inverters at very competitive rates.


How can I be sure my inverter is faulty?


We recommend Solis* inverters, all of which come with a ten-year warranty as standard. This is the manufacturer’s warranty; therefore if your inverter were to develop a fault within this ten year period, you would be sent a replacement by Solis, as your service partner we would be your first point of contact in this instance and would handle the warranty claim on your behalf. We would install the replacement free of charge (for the first 3 years) under our service agreement. Beyond three years you would receive the replacement inverter under warranty; but would need to pay our standard call-out fee to install the new unit.

* If you have a Solar Edge installation the warranty situation is different. Solar Edge have a normal twelve-year warranty (some of which have been extended to twenty years) in this instance we would normally charge our standard call-out charge, establish the fault issue, and handle the warranty claim on your behalf with Solar Edge. We are authorised Solar Edge installers.

Maintenance / Servicing

Generally speaking, most solar equipment is robust and will last for many years, however things can go wrong and whilst a system may not completely fail, its performance may reduce over years through partial string failure, AC / DC isolator arcing or partial panel issues.

We offer a five-year service check in which we check the system against the original specification and perform a mechanical check on the equipment.

The cost is £120.00 every five years.

Solar Star Power also offer a service, and maintenance program for large commercial installations, priced after an initial free survey. 

Need your solar panels cleaned?

Solar panels do not require cleaning often but should there be a build up of dirt or lichen we recommend LJP Window Cleaning Service.


Call: 07958 656557


Solar Panels Technician

Solar Star Power Promise

We offer a 10-year warranty on all parts and labour,
a 20-year warranty on Solar Edge HD Wave Inverters
and all solar panels have a performance warranty of 25 years.


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