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***News Flash*** Premium Partner status from Tesla

We are delighted to announce that Solar Star Power has recently been awarded Premium Partner Status by Tesla for the installation of Tesla Powerwalls.

Tesla soft-launched the Premium Partner Status last year, Solar Star Power is one of two out of 50 installers in The Midlands to achieve this accolade.

Solar Star Power has achieved the status based on several key metrics, including sales volume, training, job check outs, marketing, and lead activity. These requirements are set to ensure Premium Partners adhere to the standards of excellence. Additionally, job check outs and training allow Tesla to provide direct, actionable feedback on customers’ Powerwall installations, enabling both Tesla and Solar Star Power to continuously improve installation performance, improve efficiency and reduce service/call back costs.

The Tesla Powerwall can be fitted alongside a solar PV system or can be fitted retrospectively to an existing system. A maximum of six Tesla Powerwalls can be installed in one property, either side by side or stacked.

Solar Star Power are pleased to be added to Tesla’s ‘Find an Installer,’ as a Premium Partner.

Please have a look at the Tesla page on our website for further details and prices. Current lead times are around two to three weeks. We will send one of our electrical teams out, who will be with you for about half a day, depending upon where the installation will take place.

Call us on 01889 568145 or complete our online form for further details.

Check out our TrustPilot reviews for happy customers.


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