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SolaX Batteries

Midland based installers of
SolaX Storage Battery Systems


Energy Independence with
SolaX Storage Batteries

As independent installers based in the Midlands, we specialise in delivering the innovative SolaX Storage Battery system to both residential and commercial properties. Our expertise in solar and battery storage systems enables customers to enjoy the energy-saving benefits of SolaX Battery Systems that are tailored to their requirements.

Affordable, Scalable Storage Battery Systems

The SolaX batteries, with capacities ranging from 5.8kWh to 17.6kWh, are designed for seamless integration with your existing solar panels or standalone operation. This versatility enables you to efficiently store surplus solar energy and utilise it as needed, resulting in significant savings on your electricity bills, increased reliance on clean, renewable energy sources, and peace of mind during power outages.


Whether you're a homeowner looking to maximise your solar investment or a business seeking sustainable energy solutions, SolaX batteries offer a flexible and scalable solution to battery storage. The modular and expandable design of the SolaX solution allows for easy incorporation of additional batteries as your storage needs evolve over time.

Measurable Savings & Flexible Installation

The SolaX Power storage battery is equipped with intuitive software that can be easily downloaded to your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer - enabling effortless monitoring and control of your energy usage.


SolaX battery systems offer flexible installation options, allowing for either floor or wall mounting; if installed externally, it necessitates suitable housing to comply with warranty regulations. Whether installed concurrently with solar panels or retroactively, the SolaX system seamlessly integrates into your existing setup.

Vital Statistics; 5.8kWh Master SolaX Battery

Height: 708mm, Width: 474mm, depth: 193mm. Weight 72.2kg.

Discharge rate: 2kWh (1 master only). Scalability: 1 master and up to 2 slaves 

Warranty: 10 years. AC connected.

Solax Battery System Prices

Master SolaX with Inverter: 5.8kWh capacity - £4,513.16

First/Second Slave, Retro Fitted: 5.8kWh each - £3,163.76 each

Two SolaX Fitted Together: 11.6kWh (two x 5.8kWh batteries) - £7,641.30

Three SolaX Fitted Together:

17.6kWh (three x 5.8kWh batteries) - £9,953.06 (single-phase inverter)

17.6kWh (three x 5.8kWh batteries) - £10,841.23 (three-phase inverter)


Solax Hybrid DC side connected Tri Power:
For new installations only, enjoy enhanced compatibility with the Tri Power model - £4,903.54.

What happens on Installation Day?


The SolaX Mobile App

Solar-Star-Power-Staffordshire-Solax Battery - Charging.png

The battery has reached a point where there is just enough solar to manage the load of the house. 


For a brief moment the battery is neither charging or discharging.

Solar-Star-Power-Staffordshire-Solax Battery - Feed.png

The battery is discharging to the home

​10 Year Warranty on Installs...

10 Years on all Parts & Labour 

25 Years for Solar Panel Performance

20 Years on Solar Edge HD Wave Inverters

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