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About the eCactus Agave


Vital statistics 5.12kWh    - Height: 1125mm, Width: 550mm, Depth: 233mm. Weight 68kg.

                            10.24kWh  - Height: 1750mm, Width: 550mm, Depth: 233mm. Weight 115kg              

                            Both           - Warranty: 10 years. DC side connected, Scalability: up to 5 modules per system.

eCactus has brought out the Agave, which is a hybrid All In One battery storage system, which can be fitted at the same time as the PV system or retro-fitted to an existing system. The Agave enables a smarter and greener way of living using a smart design and a compact installation to help  you achieve greater power independence.  

eCactus are socially and environmentally responsible in the field of green energy, powering customers' lives with a smart, reliable, and safe battery storage system

Remotely connect to your Agave devices and monitor and manage your energy using your Agave smartphone / tablet / personal computer app.

The eCactus Agave is a versatile battery and can be installed in a range of locations, either wall mounted or floor standing, and can be fitted internally or externally. It does require some housing if installed externally to meet warranty regulations.

The eCactus Agave has a battery warranty for 10 years. It may be used to charge up overnight using cheaper energy. This storage battery does have some off-grid capacity.

As the eCactus is Hybrid it can be either AC or DC side connected, PV is not required, it can be charged from the Grid only. The eCactus battery can be installed first and subsequently add PV.

Price List:

eCactus Agave Hybrid DC Side Connected 5.12kWh with inverter £3,996.00. 

eCactus Agave Hybrid DC Side Connected 10.24kWh with inverter £6,257.25.

 eCactus Installations



You will need to be at home and available throughout the day of your installation. Our installation team, based in Uttoxeter, west Midlands, usually consists of two installers who will arrive with you in the morning. If you are having PV installed at the same time, an additional team will also be on site.

An eCactus Agave battery storage system comprises of at least one eCactus Agave battery, inclusive of the inverter and the electrical hardware required by the property, such as a meter, main panel and solar inverter. The Agave is designed to be wall-mounted or ground mounted, and always kept in an upright position. They can be installed internally, away from direct heat sources or mounted outdoors. It can be installed at the same time as the PV, or retrospectively.

The installation usually takes the Solar Star Power team a full day to install and commission, depending on the complexity of the electrical work required. We will also need to turn your electricity supply off for about one hour, if this is a problem, please let us know.

Installation must be carried out by an approved installer, and you can operate your eCactus Agave battery through the ECOS app on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, see example below.

The Agave requires an active internet connection, either wireless or wired, please have your router login information available when we come to install.

Once the Agave has been turned on, download the eCactus ECOS app and start monitoring your battery storage and home energy usage, even when you are not home! It will give you information on your energy usage in real time, keep an eye on your energy consumption over time, and alert you if your power usage is greater then normal.

Installation Day

The eCactus Agave ECOS app 


The app will give you information on your energy usage in real time, keep an eye on your energy consumption over time, and alert you if your power usage is greater then normal.

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