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Solar Panels on Rooftop


Why have a solar panel optimiser? 

Solar Panel Optimiser

As its name suggests, a solar panel optimiser, optimises the current from each solar panel, regardless of how the other panels are performing. It allows you to get more output from your panels if some of them could be potentially shaded during certain points of the day or year, resulting in a more efficient solar system.  

If you have a south-facing roof with low chance of shading, the additional cost of adding Tigos would not be financially viable. 

The Tigo

Our preferred method of optimisation is the world leading Tigo, which safely increases energy yield by reducing the impact of shade. A Tigo is attached to any individual panel which requires optimising.  


Solar Edge Optimisation

The second option we offer is Solar Edge optimisation, which is a little more expensive than the Tigo and optimises the system as a whole. 


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