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Octopus Energy Integration with Tesla Powerwall

We are thrilled to announce that Octopus Energy now seamlessly integrates with both new and existing Tesla Powerwall installations. This integration provides Powerwall owners with the opportunity to benefit from Octopus Energy's innovative smart tariffs, including the highly efficient 'Intelligent Octopus Flux' tariff. This tariff is designed to optimiseyour home's energy usage and stored energy automatically.

Customers can significantly reduce their energy costs with the advanced Kraken platform from Octopus. The platform intelligently manages battery charging when energy prices are at their lowest and facilitates the sale of excess energy back to the grid during peak times, maximising savings and contributing to a more balanced energy grid.

By embracing the installation of a Tesla Powerwall, you are not just making your home energy-efficient and cost-effective, but also future-proofing your energy management. This new integration is a step towards the future of energy management, allowing you to start saving today and be prepared for tomorrow.

To get started with your Tesla Powerwall installation, visit our Tesla Powerwall Installers page.


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