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Solar Panels Technician

The new Tesla Powerwall 3

Tesla Powerwalls store solar energy for use in the evening and for backup protection if the grid fails. The Powerwall 3, continues Tesla's mission to provide clean energy.

Solar Star Power are proud to be the installers of choice for the installation of the first Tesla Powerwall 3 in the UK, the latest version of the Powerwall was fitted at the Tesla installers exhibition in Birmingham. The release date is late 2024/early 2025.

The Tesla Powerwall 3 has the same capacity, 13.4kWh, as the version 2. The Tesla Powerwall will power your house during an outage and reduce reliance of the grid, saving you money on utility bills. Once installed, the Powerwall can be monitored and managed using the Tesla app to customise your system to meet your energy goals.

The Powerwall 3 features an integrated solar inverter allowing solar to be connected directly for high efficiency. The Powerwall 2 can be added to an existing solar system, installed with as part of a new solar system, or on its own. It is also compatible with all major solar inverters and supports various system sizes.

Have a Tesla Powerwall 2 installed before 31 December and Tesla will give you a £350 rebate.

If you would like to add battery storage to a new or existing solar system, please have a look on our battery page.


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