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 Solax Installations

About the SolaX


Vital statistics 5.8kWh Master - Height: 708mm, Width: 474mm, depth: 193mm. Weight 72.2kg.

                                                            Discharge rate: 2kWh (1 master only). Scalability: 1 master and up to 2 slaves 

                                                            Warranty: 10 years. AC connected.

SolaX batteries have a high storage capacity, with options ranging from 5.8kWh to 17.6kWh, which allows for long-term storage of solar energy and can help reduce dependency on grid power. 


The SolaX solution is modular and expandable, to enable you to add further batteries as your storage requirements grow over time.


The SolaX Power storage battery comes with user-friendly software which can be downloaded to your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer, this will allow you to monitor and control your energy usage easily.


The SolaX battery can be floor or wall mounted. It does require some housing if installed externally to meet warranty regulations. The SolaX can be installed simultaneously with solar panels or retrospectively.

Price List:

Master SolaX with inverter £4,513.16

First/second Slave, retro fitted £3,163.76

Two SolaX fitted together, 11.6kWh £7,641.30 (two x 5.8kWh batteries)

Three SolaX fitted together 17.6kWh £9,953.06 (three x 5.8kWh batteries)

Three SolaX fitted together 17.6kWh £10,841.23 (three x 5.8kWh 3 phase inverter)

The SolaX Hybrid DC side connected Tri Power, can only be fitted to new installations, £4,903.54.



You will need to be at home and available throughout the day of your installation. Our installation team, usually consists of two installers who will arrive with you in the morning. If you are having PV installed at the same time, an additional team will also be on site.

A SolaX battery storage system comprises of at least one SolaX, an inverter and the electrical hardware required by the property, such as a meter, main panel and solar inverter. The SolaX can be wall-mounted or floor mounted, internally, if it is externally mounted it would need to be housed. It may be installed at the same time as the PV or retrospectively.

The installation usually takes the Solar Star Power team a full day, depending on the complexity of the electrical work required. We will also need to turn your electricity supply off for about one hour, if this is a problem, please let us know.

Installation must be carried out by an approved installer, and you can operate your SolaX Battery through an app on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, see example below.

If you would like more than one battery we can install them back to back or side by side. 

The SolaX requires an active internet connection, either wireless or wired, please have your router login information available when we come to install.

Once the SolaX has been turned on, download the SolaX app and start monitoring your battery storage and home energy usage.

Installation Day

The Solax app example

The battery has reached a point where there is just enough solar to manage the load of the house.


For a brief moment the battery is neither charging or discharging.

The battery is discharging to the home.

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