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Tesla Installations

About the Tesla Powerwall

Solar Star Power is delighted to announce that we have recently been awarded Premium Partner Status by Tesla for the installation of Tesla Powerwalls. We are one of only two out of 50 installers in The Midlands to receive this accolade.

Vital statistics - Height: 1150mm, Width: 755mm, depth: 155mm. Weight 125kg. Peak Power 7kW.

                              Continuous Power 5kW. Usable Capacity: 13.5kWh. Scalability: 10 Powerwalls. 

                              Warranty: 10 years. AC connected.

The Tesla Powerwall will store solar to continuously power your home with sustainable energy day and night, reducing your reliance on the grid and protect your home from a power outage. Over-the-air software updates allow your Powerwall to continuously improve and adapt to meet your lifestyle.

Price List:

First Tesla with back-up gateway £8,272.80

Second Powerwall, retro fitted £7,221.60

Two Powerwall pack £14,868.00

Keep Your Lights On in Severe Weather

Prepare for winter weather with Storm Watch.

When winter storms are forecasted, Powerwall automatically activates Storm Watch mode and charges to maximum capacity. You can use this energy stored to help keep your home warm and power on if the grid goes down.

To enable Storm Watch and other power-saving modes, go to 'Settings' in your Tesla app. Learn more about Storm Watch.



You will need to be at home and available throughout the day of your installation. Our installation team, usually consists of two installers who will arrive with you in the morning. If you are having PV installed at the same time, an additional team will also be on site.

A Tesla Powerwall system comprises of at least one Tesla Powerwall, a Tesla Gateway and the electrical hardware required by the property, such as a meter, main panel and solar inverter. The Powerwall can be wall-mounted or floor mounted, internally or externally, and may be installed at the same time as the PV or retrospectively.

The installation usually takes the Solar Star Power team a full day, depending on the complexity of the electrical work required. We will also need to turn your electricity supply off for about one hour, if this is a problem, please let us know.

Installation must be carried out by an approved installer, and you can operate your Tesla Powerwall through an app on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, see example below.

The Tesla Gateway must be installed no more than 2 metres from the incoming mains. We can discuss the  positioning of the Powerwall when we come out to survey your property.

If your property does not already have an earth rod, we will need to add one.

If you would like more than one battery we can install them back to back or side by side. 

The Powerwall requires an active internet connection, either wireless or wired, please have your router login information available when we come to install.

Once the Powerwall has been turned on, download the Tesla app and start monitoring your Powerwall and home energy usage.

Installation Day

The Tesla Powerwall app example

Night time display

The house is using 13.2kW 

Day time display

The house is producing 0.2kW of solar, it is using 0.7kW. There is a surplus of 0.5kW which is coming from the battery. 

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